Wednesday, 13 October 2010


I have had a pretty busy day.

After finishing up my application form this morning, I headed to C Wharf to lunch with DH. We had Birley's salt beef brisket sandwiches again. For some unknown reason, it didn't taste as good as it was. But still yum I guess.

At around half one, I went to Russell Square to submit my app. Geez the admission office was so crowded. Lots of people were doing last-minute app like I do. :P The lady said they should notify me the admission decision in 4-6 weeks. Fingers crossed.

I then took a bus to Waterloo as I always prefer going home by Jubilee line than Central -- the long walk in Bank to DLR platform isn't usually pleasant. Also I wanna go to iKnit to see if I can grab a needle gauger. My old one miserably disappeared. Plus I am interested to get a copy of Spin Off. Unfortunately none of them could be found there. I was so well behaved and just left empty-handed. (honestly I was tempted to get an Easyknits Sushi Roll but didn't find the right colour I loved there)

I arrived home at around half four. I was supposed to work on my Crow Waltz Shawl but my heart and hands had another idea... I finally got half braid of a Wildcraft Superwash English Wool Blend top spun up. Havnt decided if I should do two-ply or Navajo chain-ply yet. Let's see how I feel like tomorrow! But I think I should really do some more knitting tomorrow. I am far behind my Christmas pressie schedule!

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