Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Fibre Flurry. Tempted

I read about Fibre Flurry on Ravelry the other day. It will be held on October 30 in Birmingham.

I successfully resisted Ally Pally in North London last weekend. I told myself that I don't need to add more items in my yarn stash. I knit way too slower than I stash. My recent obsession of spinning doesn't help at all. The entrance fee to Ally Pally was also quite high (I think its around £14 if it's paid on the door) -- I am pretty sure that it worth every penny for people who loves knitting as well as other crafts such as sewing but I don't sew nor weave.

(Anyway, I am now trying to tell myself as many good reasons as I can find to rationalize my decision to skip Ally Pally so I won't feel regret too early...)

But Fibre Flurry seems to be very "fibre or wool-oriented". There will be Fyberspates, Felt Studio, Babylonglegs, Easy Knits, Posh Yarn, Natural Dye Studio...


I just checked the train ticket. The price isn't too bad. The cheapest daily return I can find for that weekend is £18 which allows me to stay in the venue for approximately 4 hours. Looks pretty good...

Very tempted.

Hum... Fibre Flurry. Shall I or Shall I not?


  1. I am also very tempted to go, I haven't decided for definete yet, I really do not need any more sock yarn, but I really want some more:)

  2. Did you finally go? I didn't as I was busy knitting a last minute shawl for my friend's birthday!