Thursday, 7 October 2010


Here comes my pinning exercise number 2!

I used a hand painted top from Wildcraft. It was an English Wool Blend, the cheapest hand painted top available on the shop. And it's only £5! A real bargain, isn't it?


The colourway is called Hopeful. A white top painted with red, pink and blue.


I divided the top into two fairly equal parts using the method called Fractal Spinning. People said it will have quick colour changes along with long colour repeats. I don't know it yet. Still can't find the right project to use it.


Before washing and fixing the twist, It is about 100 gram with 140 metres. Guess it's close to heavy worsted?

Honestly I love the colours! All sorts of pinks and purples. My favourites colours!


What can I make with it? Any suggestion?

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