Tuesday, 24 May 2011

In the past 2 months... (with LOTS of pics)

Cough cough... I know I know I know. This place is quite dusty after nothing is posted in for over two months. But I am back!

So... what have I done in the past 2 months? 


(1) I went to another ski trip in mid March. Snow condition was awful but I managed to ski down red runs from the summits of Meribel!

(2) I finished an Orchird Thief Shawlette in Malabrigo Sock. Haven't blocked it yet. Maybe next week?


(3) I cast on a new shawl, Stripe Study, using Zauberball. It's about 90% done. But its a bit too warm to work with this woollen yarn.

(4) I tried dyeing roving too. Basically I just poured in water, vinegar, red & blue dyes plus a braid of SW Cheviot top into a saucepan. It's now on my Ashford Traveller. 

(5) During the Easter/Royal Wedding week, we went to Sharm El Sheikh for snorkelling, diving and chillaxing! LOTS OF FISH & CORAL!! Got my Open Diver Certificate, too. Now I can dive down to 18 metres.


(6) I finish a pair of Monkey Socks, knitted in Socks That Rock. Hum... guess it's a wrong yarn-pattern combination.

(7) I spun a skein of 3-ply Aran-ish yarn of Wildcraft Superwash English Wool Blends (EWB). Not perfect but I am very proud of myself as it does look a lot better than my previous encounters with EWB (here and here).

(8) I learnt a few new dishes. I have made Mushroom Risotto, Sausage Rolls and this Maple glazed duck crown. YUM!!!

(9) I booked two tickets for my parents. They're coming to London in late June and will stay for 6 weeks. My mum really want to take Eurostar so I've bought the tickets too. We're going to Paris for 4 days on 26/7. Hum.. anyone know good LYSs in Paris?

(10) I've ordered my first Golding Spindle. Not one. But six! YES. I bought 6 in order to spread the very expensive fixed shipping cost. They will be sent to my mum and she'll bring them over in June. Why sending them to HK? Because HK has no VAT so I can save 20%! There is no way I can keep all 6 of them. Probably I will keep only 1 or 2. Will post on Ravelry to destash. Hopefully other spinners will give them a good home.

(11) I am planning a trip to Scotland with my parents too. Maybe... having a "stopover" in Cockermouth on 24 June?