Monday, 11 October 2010

SPIN003: My First Navajo Plying

Okay, I promise, this one should be the last spinning post for... at least the next few days. I should really get back to my knitting needles and work for christmas pressies. My Crow Waltz Shawl has been in semi-hibernation now. Feeling a bit guilty about it. Plus I knocked out this 109grams of monster in ONE single day. Really need to let my knees rest a bit.

Again, it's from Wildcraft. A Shetland top. Colourway: Wild Rose. I LOVE the colours. But wasn't sure how I should divide or pre draft it so it won't turn muddied...


Finally, I did some crazy thing. I tried to divide the top lengthwise into 5 portions, each of different weights: 4g, 10g, 19g, 28g, 34g. I spun from the lightest one first, hoping to get an effect that the stripes would run longer later.


As I wanted to have more solid colours and less fuzzy changes, I did a navajo plying to ply the single with itself. It turned out to be a big URG. My Navajo plying is simply UGLY.


I was hoping to get enough yardage to make a triangular shawl. But not even close. I only got 260 yards after navajo plying -- I should have planned a simpler 2-plying instead! Then I could have got about 390 yards! :(

260 yards. Maybe it's still enough to do a small shawlette like Ishbel or Multnomah?

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