Saturday, 16 October 2010

In Search of the perfect pumpkin

I am always a pink sucker. If you look at my Ravelry project page, you may find that about half of my FOs were in pink. I still am a pink sucker. Tutu was the very first skein I picked from Wollmeise booth in Knit Nation. I also grabbed two skeins of strawberry ice cream pink sock yarn when I visited Wolle Roedel in Munich last month.

But since earlier this year I've been experiencing some gradual changes in colour preference. I became more interested in greens and more open to blues. I blame the pleasant British summer here for changing my perceptions on colours. Green meadows and crispy blue sky are rare in my hometown.

Yet another change has happened. Again it may be related to the season. Autumn. October. Halloween. What would come up in your mind? Yep. Golden yellow or orangey tones. Or pumpkin in particular. I can't explain why. But I have been longing to get a skein of semi-solid pumpkin orange sock yarn for a while. Not the citrous orange. But more the subtler richer orange of a matured pumpkin.

I wanted to cast on the TTL Mystery Socktoberfest socks but always wanted to get the right orange for that. I found something close last night. There are two different indie dyers here offering pumpkin colourways. Unfortunately I am still not 100% sure if that's what I want. After all, orange is a hit or miss. I can be happily embrace many different kinds of pinks or purples. But for orange, it will either be the perfect one I can marry to, or it will end up being buried in stash bin forever.

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