Sunday, 10 October 2010

In the clubs

May I announce that... I am now a proud member of the following THREE FOUR clubs:

- Wildcraft bi-monthly fibre club (will start in November)

- Thylacine monthly fibre club (will start in November too!)

- Knit Love Club 2011 by Alice Yu (Socktopus) (It's a sock club with her hand dyed yarn and matching sock patterns. Will start in January!)

- (Edited on 19 October 2010) Spunky Eclectic monthly fiber club (will ship in late Oct from US)

I know I know... I am just a beginning spinner, so the club fibre can be too challenging to me -- Indeed before paying for my subscription, I did contacted Megan of Thylacine to get some hints about what fibre she will offer in the next three months. The November fibre will be something quite challenging to beginner... But, I guess I'll still go for it. If I really can't handle it, I can always leave it in stash. Use it later when I become a better spinner. Or sell it later. It's still great to get inspired by other club members to see what they will spin up from the same fibre.

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