Thursday, 18 November 2010


Just a quick post to tell you what have been filling up my life lately:


I started an Echo Flower Shawl after knowing my friend CrochetCynth's doing one. It's been growing very slowly because I am spending more time on another thing...


... which is an Icelanic Yoke Sweater. Am about to start another sleeve then can proceed to the yoke. I know a chunky sweater is the last thing I should think of given my chubby body shape. But I don't care. I need something warm. Really really warm. I don't care if I look like a Michelin man.

(Méribel, image from Wikipedia)

Non knitting wise, we've just booked a skiing trip to Les Trois Vallées in late January. It's one of the largest ski areas in the world with over 300 slopes and 600km of pistes. Honestly I am just a beginner so it doesn't bother me as long as they have some green and blue runs. We'll go by overnight channel-crossing coach so it's gonna be a tough ride. I can never sleep on overnight coach. But it will give us more time (a whooping 6 days!) on slope and about one-thirds cheaper than the flight option.

Also I've got my iMac back. DH fixed it by replacing the dead hard drive with a new one. Now it has a huge 1.5TB hard drive in which I can keep lots of photos and music.

We went to Adelphi Theatre with DH's cousin who's coming from Dublin for a medical conference last weekend. We went to the musical Love Never Dies, which is a sequel to The Phantom of The Opera. Hum... it's not too bad but can't say it's my fav. A bit disappointed.


We dined in Belgo Centraal, my favourite mussel place in London. They also get a very wide selection of Belgian Beer. Can't recommend enough.

Last but not the least, I've got a new mate -- Mr Monk. Looks familiar? Yep. He's the monkey in PG Tips tea.

Alright. Time to return to my knitting. I wanna get my Michelin-Sweater done by next week.


  1. So you have a lot of stuff to keep you busy. I'm thinking of knitting a yoke sweater too. But the new yarn I got is not warm enough, so I may need to search for another one.

  2. I need to buy some PG Tips tea now, he is so cute.