Monday, 1 November 2010

FO: Köln Socks (with a hole... doh!)

Come to meet my very first pair of socks. Nah. It's actually not the first pair I finished but the first pair I cast on.


A pair of very simply vanilla socks. The yarn is ONline Supersocke 100 Sport Color. I bought it along with two more skeins of ONline Supersocke in Christmas Market in Cologne, Germany last December. I cast on right away on the very next day when we got back to London. However I got distracted after one and a half sock...

I was knitting another pair of socks (Cookie's A Angee with Wollmeise Twin, if you asked me) last week. Unfortunately there was some problem with the yarn -- Some breaks were found. I still can't confirm if it's really moth or not. But it's better be safe so I put it in freezer now. It forced me to put this project aside, at least for a while. Running out of project ideas, I dug this long lost pair out from store room after leaving them alone for ten months.

Anyway my Köln socks are here. I love to call it Köln because Cologne makes me think of the male perfume. And I love how my tongue rolls when pronouncing Köln.


I had been wearing them EVERYDAY. Yes. Literally everyday. I hand-washed and then tumble-dried them thrice. After seven days, the first hole appeared.

I don't know why. The yarn looks tough and rough so I didn't expect to see any hole so quickly. Maybe it's because I didn't trim my toe nails often enough? Or the new pair of leather loafers I wore last night got rough inseams tearing off the yarn? Or it's the wooden sock blockers with rough edges and spikes? Or it's simply because my gauge wasn't tight enough to make durable fabric?

I don't know. I really don't know.

I am sad. Of course I am!

But I know I love socks and I love knitting socks. This little hole shouldn't stop me from knitting more. After all, I can darn the socks right? I don't know how to do it yet but I am sure I can find some useful tutorials on Youtube.

Anyway next time I'll make sure my toe nails are well trimmed and I'll never wear any hand knitted socks with new shoes again.

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