Thursday, 3 March 2011

WIP: My 1st Handspun Socks


In the last few weeks I tried to refrain myself from knitting. Knitting is too addictive and I get too many readings and assignments.

(I did allow myself to spin because I can't really overdo it. Thanks to RSI (!), spinning has become self-regulatory. My thumb starts complain by agonizing itself after at most an hour or two... groaning....)

But after a very frustrating day full of stress and tensions, I reckoned I need some "knit therapy". I had an unexplainable urge to do something soothing and fulfilling...


That's why I cast on a plain vanilla sock using SPIN014 last night. Full of thicks and thins, this yarn can't be the best candidate for my first pair of handspun socks. Indeed I first cast on a Chevron scarf with it. After knitting for about 20 rows, I still could't picture myself wearing these vibrant colours around my neck. It's simply not me! I frogged it and cast on 64 stitches again. The yarn is crying to be socks instead of a Chevron scarf.


Very uneven stitches. But who cares?


  1. Love the yarn! I bet those socks will make you smile every time you look at your feel when wearing them!

  2. I love it! Very Noro. =)

  3. Thanks a lot for your kind comments! Haha in fact I keep smiling when I am knitting them. It's really an enjoyable experience to see what colours come next.

    The colour tone is quite similar to Noro but it has a much shorter repeat. Hope it won't look too fuzzy after knitting up.:)